I am a  …..

User Experience Designer from India, I craft meaningful and beautiful things, A restless creator. Curiosity and hard work keep me creative. As a User experience professional I want to bring significant value to business, not only helping to avoid usability problems but creating innovative, meaningful and delightful product experiences for my users.


I am more interested in …..

New ideas, ideation workshops and product design,


I am following new technology, Applying new technology in to business case and coming up with the new products ideas, Creating presentations with simple mock-ups / Concept designs and specifications to help communicating innovative ideas efficiently to the business and technology team.

I am experienced in  …..

Quick start collaboration workshops (Design Thinking) - Connecting Business, Technology, Users and coming up with the good experience product.


Stakeholder interviews, Contextual inquires, User journey mapping - To understand the business flow, analyze user behaviors and create stakeholder mapping.


Mobile Application  Design - Creating the design language includes interaction design flow, Gestures , Templates,

Mock-ups, Style guide and branding.